About the New Sacred Feminine

A yearning for the sacred feminine is rising up within many of us. We want new solutions, new choices, new possibilities. We want more depth and breadth of vision, more honest truth, more creativity. We’re questioning the top-down, authoritarian power model, and the default repetition of what doesn’t work well. We want to try wiser, kinder, more authentic ways. We want more connection and caring, more inclusion, more collaboration, more balance. We want a better world, a better life, better ways of being. This is the new sacred feminine!

Self Worth, Health, and Expectations
Imagine you're freely embracing this expanding sense of the sacred feminine -- in yourself, in others, in your community, and in the world. How good does that feel? Imagine how much that might benefit your self-worth, your health, your attitudes, and choices; your relationships, commitments, and expectations.

Be More of Who You Really Are
That’s what this website, the art, the products, and the writings are all about. Each of the New Sacred Feminine offerings carries geometry, forms, and patterns drawn from ancient expressions and newly designed to awaken and enliven your deep sacred feminine and tune you to be more of who you really are.

Come Join Me!
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Bring these vibrant, energizing designs and products into your living spaces and personal places. Or, gift them to a friend or family member to remind them about their own expanding and deepening possibilities.


About Aliyah Schick

My name, Aliyah, pronounced Ah-LEE-yah, is the name I took for myself many years ago. It means to raise up to the sacred, which already tells you a lot about me.

Compromise Doesn't Make Sense Any More
I first became interested in the sacred feminine when the women’s movement was big in the 1980’s and 90’s. I read all the books about ancient goddess worship and tried to bring some female into my male-designed-and-driven conventional religious community. Now well into the new century, the gap remains, and I’ve reached a time in my life when compromise just doesn’t make sense any more. I want my sacred feminine. Now.

Not a Being, But a Be-ing
This is not about some holy, powerful female taking over for the old, bearded Guy-God on a lofty throne. The sacred feminine is not a being. It is a be-ing, inside you and me and everyone. It’s a sense of the female being amazing, powerful, and sacred, in our bodies, in our bones, in our cells, in our thoughts and emotions and desires, in our perception and intuition and abilities. It's profoundly ours. It’s inherent in our being alive in this world. It grounds us into who we really are.

Exploring on My Own Terms
So now I’m reading new books, and writing and creating and paying attention. I’m exploring on my own terms, going deep inside and outside, searching and listening for intuition, guidance, and cellular, belly knowing. And I'm having the best time of my life!

Energy Into Art
In the 90's I started studying and practicing deep healing energy work. Out of that grew an early, innovative series of Meditative Coloring Books for grown-ups that promote self-healing and spiritual connection. Now those drawings have evolved into New Sacred Feminine art and products infused with ancient forms and patterns to resonate, support, and uplift the deep sacred feminine in everyone they touch.

Take a look and see if these designs call to you.


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